February Contest Winners | After Dark

In the “After Dark” category we only had one badge winner this time around. Congratulations Dave Shay for making magic. The contest is heating up but it’s early in the race and The WPS Trophy is still up for grabs! DAVE SHAY*** HOW POINTS ARE ACCRUED / EARNED An image will receive 25 points per star, which represents a judge’s selection. Each month four judges will comb over all the photos and provide a star to each image they deemRead more

June Contest Winners | Emotion

Emotion was the category this month and you guys definitely delivered. There were three of images that stood out of the crowd for the judges. Chad Winstead and Rebecca Faulk’s images moved the judges enough to give them a WPS Award Badge. Congrats! CHAD WINSTEAD 4* CHAD WINSTEAD 3* REBECCA FAULK 3* Dave still has a lead for the POY Prize but Chad is catching ground quickly and only 25 points away. The hardware is still up for grabs. Remember,Read more