March Contest Winners | Framing the Subject

Each month the contest keeps getting stronger. “Framing the Subject” was the category this time around. The judges looked over them all and four images grabbed their attention. Congratulations to Dave Shay, Chad Winstead and Andre Reichmann. CHAD WINSTEAD 3* DAVE SHAY – 3* DAVE SHAY – 4* Note: Dave’s four-star image can be found on the closed WPS FB site. The bride requested the portrait image stay private so the dress remains a surprise for her future husband. WPSRead more

Spotlight | Kate Marchetto

Our first Spotlight goes to Kate Marchetto with MKM Photography. A Spotlight image is one that evokes thought, curiosity, which is well composed and tells a story. The image is selected out The Wedding & Portrait Society’s monthly image competition. Each month the Spotlight image will help up us all learn and grow by breaking it down and finding out how it was created. WPS: Kate thank you so much for participating in this. So, tell us the backstory ofRead more