Monthly Contests

The Wedding & Portrait Society (WPS) is proud to bring back the image competition starting in January of 2016.

The image competition has been a favorite among our members and showcases the talent of our group. Every month there will be a new category that will challenge both wedding and portrait photographers. The categories selected were created by current members of The WPS. All good standing members will be able to enter the first quarter of competition free. The top images will receive an award winner badge (below) and will be showcased on the website. All images will be voted on by our judges to determine the overall winners. At the end of the year the photographer with the most wins will be named The Wedding & Portrait Photographer of the Year.

Award2WPS Contest Entry Commandments (rules):

– Members may submit up to two images
– Image/s must be created by a WPS member in good standing
– Image/s should be submitted without watermark/borders
– Image/s submitted must be 2048px on the longest side
– Image/s must be of true clients (non-workshop)
– Image/s may be prepared with unlimited Photoshop (minus photojournalism category)
– Image/s must have been created from August 2015 to present.
– Image/s may contain Exif data, just nothing visible, to insure judge impartiality
– By entering WPS contests, members consent to WPS posting their image(s)
– Image/s may be disqualified if breaking of the WPS Contest Commandments (rules) is found
– Winning images may not be reentered for future competitions

Images will be submitted to the curator who will deliver the images to the judges. The images will be placed on a closed WPS judging area. All decisions are final.

The judges will follow guidelines as follows below.

– Judges shall view all images prior to officially judging
– Judges shall not lobby image/s to other judges
– Judges shall award as many images as they see worthy
– All images will be judged with character and integrity
– Judges shall not talk about the contest until the competition is over
– Judges shall notify the curator if a member contacts them to lobby image/s

The curator will be the liaison between the artists and the judges. They will announce on our closed Facebook page when the portal is open to submit your images. He/she will gather the images once they are submitted and submit them to the judges. The curator is and judges are not allowed to enter The WPS Competition.

At the end of the year points will be tallied up to lead us to a WPS Photographer of the year. The winner will be given a beautiful trophy (below) and the ability to judge the 2017 contest. Past winners of The WPSPOY are, Joe Payne, Tim Sayer and Michelle Gunton.

WPS2012WPSPOY Trophy