Your yearly membership will provide you with many opportunities to work, speak and communicate with like minded, motivated individuals. Between the monthly chapter meetings, ability to enter contests and our conversations on Facebook, your $20 is well spent.

Our Online Community
The great part of WPS is that we post weddings & portrait opportunities on Facebook for our fellow members. Last year our group passed along a considerable amount of weddings and portrait session opportunities to one another, which is another reason people love our group.

Local Chapters
The WPS currently has two local chapters, in addition to our online community. One chapter is based in Raleigh and the other in Greensboro, North Carolina. The chapters have monthly meetings that are content driven to help your business grow. Meetings are always complementary to our members. We welcome all levels of photographers who wish to grow and always treat one another with respect. If you are interested in starting a WPS chapter in your area, let us know!

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