Big-Small-Big Family Portraits | Education

When I first started as a wedding photographer in Texas, family portraits were always a pain. It wasn’t until I move to North Carolina that I found out a fast and very effective way to move through them quickly. I call this technique “Big-Small-Big.”

The “BSB” family portrait system should take about 15-20 minutes.


  1. B&G with both sides of the family together. It does not matter where people stand because they are “one family now.” 
  2. B&G with bride’s side of the family
  3. B&G with bride’s immediate family (parents, grandparents and siblings)
  4. B&G with bride’s parents
  5. B&G with together with bride’s parents and groom’s parents
  6. B&G with groom’s parents
  7. B&G with groom’s immediate family (parents, grandparents and siblings)
  8. B&G with groom’s side of the family.

After the family portraits are complete, we will focus on the bridal party along with the B&G.

  1. Bridal Party
  2. B&G together alone

The video below will go through the procedure of how the process works. Enjoy!

Christobal is a contributing blogger for The WPS