About the WPS

The Wedding & Portrait Society (WPS) is a network of professional photographers who share ideas, thoughts and information to help raise the artistic, technical and business level in our profession.

Membership in the WPS offers many professional & personal growth opportunities through educational opportunities, networking, critiques and camaraderie. WPS membership is open to any and all professional wedding and/or portrait photographers.

The WPS started with a handful of photographers meeting at a coffee house talking shop in 2005. Our mission is to help build relationships, share knowledge with our peers and create a competitive yet supportive photography community. Many members of the WPS donate their time in order to help find speakers, spur intriguing topic discussions, provide advice, guidance and freely sharing information.

In essence, we have a “give more than you take” view with the wedding and portrait community. This view it allows us to have a full circle view of giving. We give to the community, and in time the photographic community gives back to complete the circle.

WPS-POYMichelle Gunton WPSPOY winner