The 2018 WPS Contest Final Results

Chad Winstead pulled away from the pack to take the 2018 prize. We had so many great images last year and 2019 is going to be even better. Winstead is now the official 2018 WPS Photographer of the Year!

©Chad Winstead / Chad Winstead Photography
©Chad Winstead / Chad Winstead Photography


An image will receive 25 points per star, which represents a judge’s selection. Each month four judges will comb over all the photos and provide a star to each image they deem worthy. An image will receive an award badge if it gains three or more stars. Information about our judges can be found here. Below are the current point standings.


1. Chad Winstead – 1100 pts 

2. Paul Seiler  – 450 pts

3. Rebecca Faulk  375 pts

4. Elyssa Kivus | 250 pts

5. Steve Jamroz – 225 pts

6. Michael Escobar – 175 pts

7. Erin Costa – 125 pts

8. Kelly Trumpatori – 100 pts

9. James Nix | Jimmy Beech – 75 pts

10. Heather Varner | Kate Marchetto – 25 pts

* The gallery below represents images that received stars from the judges. Stars next to the name represent the number/s received. The images that received stars are part of this gallery. Any image that receives a star may not be reentered for future contests. Click on the image to view the camera details.

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